Wikitext is a simplified markup language that is used to format and structure text and other data. While HTML is the most common markup language for web pages, Wikitext is used in wiki systems. Like HTML, it uses tags to mark parts of tags or other data.

How do I use Wikitext?

When you edit a page, you can switch between visual editing and source editing using the editor toolbar.

Screenshot: Visual Editor switch edit mode

Wikitext can be entered in source editing mode. When you are in visual editing mode, VisualEditor inserts Wikitext "behind the scenes". If VisualEditor doesn't format elements on a page correctly, you can always switch to source editing to correct the issues directly in Wikitext.

Examples of Wikitext

Here are some typical examples of Wikitext:

Text formatting

  • This is '''bold'''
  • This is ''italic''
  • This is <u>underlined</u>



  • (1st level): reserved for page title
  • 2nd level: ==Section heading==
  • 3nd level: ===Section sub-heading===


  • ordered (numbered):
# One
## One-point-one
### One-point-one-point-one
# Two
  • unordered (bulleted): *
  • definition list: ;Fire:provides energy and light


 {| class="wikitable" 
 !header 1
 !header 2
 |row 1, cell 1
 |row 1, cell 2
 |row 2, cell 1
 |row 2, cell 2


Wiki internal

  • [[Page title]]
  • [[Pancake | Best pancake]]
  • links with parameters / links that open in a new tab: <span class="plainlinks">[{{fullurl:{{FULLPAGENAME}}|action=edit}} Edit this page]</span>

Wiki external

  • [[ Hallo Welt!]]


  • Image link: [[Media:Someimage.png]]
  • Embed an image: [[File:Someimage.png]]
    • This embeds the image Someimage.png on the page.
    • embedding only happens when a link points to the "File" namespace
    • the wiki checks if a preview/thumbnail can be created automatically (e.g. image formats like "png", "jpeg", "gif", "svg") and then embeds a preview into the page
    • otherwise a link will be created to the wikipage in the "File" namespace (aka "file description page")
  • Embed a file: [[Media:SomePDF.pdf]]
    • can be embedded: PDF, Tiff (needs extension)
    • cannot be embedded: Microsoft Office and Libre Office files; Shell-Scripts, ...

Formatting example:

File:Someimage.png|thumb|50px|left|alt=Screenshot of the edit menu|The edit menu


Type of wikiText Example
Special character &atilde; → ã

&ccedil; → ç

UTF-8 is possible

Comment <!-- unnoticed -->
No "wiki translation" <nowiki> and </pre>
Table of contents __TOC__ and __NOTOC__
Signature --~~~
Redirect #REDIRECT [[targetpage]]
Template {{template name}}

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