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What is BlueSpiceReminder?

BlueSpiceReminder allows users to keep track pages by creating reminders for a particular date.

Where to find BlueSpiceReminder

Reminders in the flyout

Reminders are set in the QM tools under the "Reminders" menu item.


"My reminders"
Reminder manager for wiki admins

In the flyout page, the following reminder elements can be specified:

  • Date: Date on which the reminder is due
  • User: defaults to the currently logged-in user, but can be changed to a different user
  • Comment: An optional comment text to be shown when the reminder is due.

Once all fields are set, click "Save" to save the reminder.

On the right is a list of all reminders set for other users for the current page.

At the bottom of the page, there are two buttons that open the reminder overview:

  • Manage reminders: Available only for wiki admins - opens Special:Reminder and shows a list of all reminder for all pages and all users. Wiki admins can delete reminders or edit the due date and other details.
  • My reminders: Opens Special:Reminder/USER_NAME and shows the reminders for the currently logged-in user. It has the same functionality as "Manage reminders", just in the scope of the current user.

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