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Page ratings

What are page ratings?

The rating extension allows users to rate pages with up to five stars.

A user can change their rating at any time by choosing less or more stars. The average evaluation, as well as the number of ratings is shown next to the page title:

Screenshot: page ratings

Only one rating per user is counted. New votes only change the average evaluation, but not the number of ratings.

Rating a page

A user simply selects the amount of stars for a rating. The number of stars are then hightlighted in yellow. A mouse-click confirms the rating:

Screenshot: submit a rating

List of ratings

The special page Special:Ratings lists all pages that have been rated.

Disabling rating on a page

You can also exclude pages from the rating system. You can do this with a so-called "Behaviour Switch". Insert the switch at the bottom of the page in source view: __NORATING__

Disabling rating in a namespace

Administrators can turn on the rating feature for individual namespaces. To enable or disable ratings, go to Global actions > Namespace manager and edit the namespaces:

Screenshot: Namespace settings

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