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Page assignments

About page assignments

Page assignments are a quick way of giving one or more users informal responsibility and ownership of a page. They are very similar to a watchlist. A user can add a page to their watchlist themselves, but users also create page assignments for each other.

Page assignments do not change the behavior of the page or grant special rights on a page. For example, the page does not get locked for editing when it is assigned to another user. It is rather a simple mechanism to have users "take a look" at a page. If the feature Read confirmation is activated for a namespace, assigned users have to confirm with a checkbox on the page that they have read the page.

A user can easily delete the assignment or delegate it to another user without any consequences.


  • Assigned users receive notifications when the page is changed. (This can be deactivated in the user preferences.)
  • Assigned users are listed under the assignments for the page in the Quality management menu of the page.
  • The page is listed on the Assignment management page, which is accessed from Global actions > Management (Special:ManagePageAssignments)
  • The page is listed on the Assignments manager page of the assigned user, which is easy to access from the user profile menu.
  • Namespace-specific: if a namespace has Read confirmation activated, the page shows a read confirmation in the alert area of the page.

Assigning a page

To assign a user or a group to a page:

  1. Click on Page assignments in the Quality management toolbar.
  2. Type a user or group name in the assignments text box. You will get automatic suggestions based on your entry.
  3. Click the Add button.
  4. Add more users or groups (optional).
Assignments on a single page

Assignment management

Besides viewing all the assigned users and groups for each page, wiki administrators can also see a list of all pages that have assignments.

Overview of the page assignments

Administrators can navigate to the page Special:PageAssignments by clicking on Assignment management under Global actions > Management. Edit the assignment by clicking on the "wrench" icon and delete the assignment by clicking on the "x" button when the assignment is selected.

Editing an assignments

My assignments

Every user can view the pages they are assigned to by clicking on "Assignments" in their personal menu (by clicking on their image in the upper right corner).

Menu item assignments

Setting permissions for assigned users

Wiki admins can define a set of permissions that will be granted to assigned users for a page they are assigned to, even if these permissions were not granted to them by default.

This can be done inthe Config manager, by selecting config type "Extension" and selecting BlueSpicePageAssignments from the list.

Configuring additional permissions for assigned users

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