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Config Manager

About Config manager

With the Config manager, a wiki user with sysop rights can manage all BlueSpice wiki-wide settings in one place. In the navigation, it is located under Global navigations > Management > Config manager.This link loads the page Special:ConfigManager.

Screenshot: Config manager menu item


All settings can be accessed through the following filter menus:

  • Feature: group by type of functionality the setting belongs to (search, administration...)
  • Extension: group by extension name
  • Package: group by BlueSpice edition and services (BlueSpice free, BlueSpice pro, Matomo)

Screenshot: config manager

All settings are available in any type of grouping. Changing the grouping type does not add or remove setting options. It just groups them differently.

After settings are adjusted, they can be saved by clicking Save, or reset to the default settings by clicking Reset.

Searching for settings

A search bar is located above the list of settings. The search returns settings regardless of the currently selected group.

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