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Subpages introduce some hierarchical organization into wiki pages, with levels of the hierarchy separated by slashes (/).

Creating subpages

Create a subpage by using a slash.


It's not possible to use forward slashes in the title of a page because MediaWiki will create a subpage.

Use slashes to create more than one subpage:

    Help:Subpages - "page" in the namespace help<br />
    Help:Subpages/subpage - child page<br />
    Help:Subpages/subpage/sub-subpage - grandchild page<br />
    Help:Subpages/subpage/sub-subpage/sub-sub-subpage - great grandchild page<br />
    Help:Subpages/subpage/sub-subpage/sub-sub-subpage/sub-sub-sub-subpage - great great grandchild page

Display of subpages

In the StateBar you will find information on subpages.

Screenshot:Display of subpages on the main page in the StateBar.

Screenshot:Display of subpages reminds of "bread crumbs".

Use of subpages

Subpages are useful for organising information hierarchically. On the other hand, subpages tend to have a long name that is hard to remember, so it may be more user-friendly to use them as little as possible. You can also organize pages with the category feature, which is more suitable for creating a hierarchical network of information.

There are various uses for the subpage feature. Some of the typical usages of subpages are:

  • to create archives of old discussions under a talk page
  • to create scratchpad editing spaces under a user page
  • to create other language versions of a document in multilingual wikis

More information to subpages in MediaWiki.