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it gives the user an overview of the article's essential meta information.
Status: stable
Developer: HalloWelt
Extension type: BlueSpice
Edition: BlueSpice free, BlueSpice pro
Dependencies: BlueSpice
License: -"-" is not in the list (ISC, MIT, WTFPL, GPL v2+, GPL v2+ and MIT, GPL v3+, GPL v3, GPL v3 only, GPL v2+ and BSD 3 Clause) of allowed values for the "BSExtensionInfoLicense" property.
Activated: Yes
Category: Infrastructure


StateBar is the grey bar above the article. It gives the user an overview of the article's essential meta information. This is made available by other extensions.

Usage / Features

StateBaror status bar. It can be displayed in full or collapsed. The status bar uses icons and keywords to display information about the date of the last edit, the author of the last edit, the categories assigned, subpages, shouts of the shoutbox, approval and review processes.

Technical information


Some aspects of this extension can be configured on Special:BlueSpicePreferences, under section "Status bar". Here wiki administrators can configure:

  • Whether to show StateBar.
  • Order of items displayed in the body of StateBar.
  • Order of items displayed in the top line of StateBar.

Extensions FlexiSkin, ArticleInfo, Review and SaferEdit use the StateBar, extending it functionality. Configuration of those extensions might also be relevant.

Rights (permissions)

This extension does not require any special rights. Information coming from the extensions extending StateBar (listed above) will only show their information if user has appropriate rights defined by those extensions.


StateBar requires BlueSpiceFoundation.

User manual

For detailed description and usage, visit our user manual.

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