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Special pages

Special pages are pages are pages that have no wikitext and are created by the software on demand. It is not possible to make a redirect to a special page, or to create normal pages beginning with the "Special:" prefix. They are located in their own namespace Special: and are not editable directly as other pages.

Some special pages depend on the preferences that have been set by a user, e.g. the number of titles which is displayed on a user's watchlist.

Where do I find special pages?

Please enter "Special:SpecialPages" into the browser after index.php/
Sometimes special pages are linked in the widget bar or the main navgation.

Special pages in BlueSpice

Some of the special pages in BlueSpice:

Maintenance reports

  • Broken redirects: This special page lists redirects to non-existent pages.
  • Dead-end pages: pages which do not link to other pages in the wiki are listed here.
  • Orphaned pages: pages listed here are not linked from or transcluded into other pages of the wiki.
  • Protected pages: Here you can browse through namespaces for finding protected pages. For a more detailed search you can specify permission and restriction level and the size of the pages searched for.
  • Protected titles: Single namespaces can be scanned for protected titles.
  • Uncategorized pages: Lists all pages which are in no category.

List of pages

  • All pages: Here all pages of the wiki are listed. You may narrow your search by choosing a namespace to search within or you decide upon a letter(combination) where your search shall start. Pagenames which start with a letter(combination) alphabetically before the chosen one will not be listed.
  • Categories: All categories are listed which contain pages or media. Unused categories are not listed.
  • Disambiguation pages: The following pages link to a disambiguation page. They should link to the appropriate topic instead. A page is treated as disambiguation page if it uses a template which is linked from MediaWiki:Disambiguationspage.
  • List redirects: Lists pages which have been redirected and the pages they have been redirected to.

User and Rights

  • Block user: Shows a form in which users can be blocked. There are several options about expiry, reason and the blockage.

Recent changes and logs

  • Logs: Shows all logs of the wiki. Alternatively, you can decide on a special log to be shown. Within a log you can also search for user and/or title and narrow the time span within which is searched.
  • Recent changes: Lists changes which have ocurred recently. You can decide how many changes shall be shown up to the last 30 days. You can also search within a namespace or exclude a namespace from search.
  • Related changes: This is a list of changes made recently to pages linked from a specified page (or to members of a specified category). Pages on your watchlist are bold. Again you can search within a namespace or exclude a namespace from search. Or you can look for a page name or its linked pages.

Wiki data and tools

  • HalloWiki - Statistics: Enables you to create a diagram about number of users, editings, number of articles, editings per user or search requests within a defined time span.
  • Popular pages: Lists the pages which are most often viewed.
  • System messages: Lists system messages which are available in the MediaWiki namespace.

Redirecting special pages

  • Random page: Takes you to a page of the wiki which is chosen randomly.
  • Random redirect: Takes you randomly to a redirected page of the wiki.
  • Search: Allows you to search within chosen namespaces.

High use pages

  • Most linked-to categories: Shows the categories which have most member-pages (displaying the number of members in brackets).
  • Most linked-to pages: Lists pages that are most often linked to (displaying the number of links in brackets).

Page tools

  • Export pages: Text and editing history of a particular page can be exported to another wiki via this form.
  • Import pages: External pages can be imported as XML data here.
  • View deleted pages: Pages that have been deleted can be found here.
  • What links here: Enter page name (and choose a namespace) to get all internal pages that link to the page.

Other special pages

  • Book sources: Allows to search for book sources vial ISBN-number.
  • CategoryTree: Enter a category name to see its contents as a tree structure.
  • PdfPrint: This special page is being accomplished via articles by pressing "print as PDF".
  • Archive:WikiAdmin: Allows admins to adjust UserManager, Interwiki links, NamespaceManager, Preferences, Search, Page templates, GroupManager and Information.