Mathoid is a nodjs service which takes various forms of math input and converts it to MathML + SVG or PNG output.

Important!Beginning with BlueSpice 4.x, Mathoid is no longer distributed and has to installed separately.

Download: or

If mathematical formulas are not rendered in your wiki, please check that extensions/Math/webservices/mathoid.tar.gz is deployed in the correct folder:

  • Linux: /opt/mathoid
  • Windows: C:\BlueSpice\bin\mathoid

PDF-Export integrationThe PDF-Export does not support SVGs at the moment. Therefore the SVG needs to be converted into a PNG when embedded into a PDF. This is done automatically, but requires $wgSVGConverter to be set up properly. It is recommended to use rsvg as a converter. On Debian based linux environments it can be installed with
apt install librsvg2-bin

In the LocalSettings.php file it must be configured with

$GLOBALS['wgSVGConverter'] = 'rsvg';

Next step

If you have completed all steps successfully and want to install BlueSpice pro, proceed to the next step PhantomJS

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