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Upgrade 3.x free to 3.x pro

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To upgrade from BlueSpice free 3.x to BlueSpice pro 3.x (under Linux), follow these instructions:

  1. Create backup: Make a database dump and save it together with the complete codebase to another storage location.
  2. Patch-update BlueSpice free (optional): Check your current version on the Special: Version page. Compare your version with the current version of BlueSpice free. If you have not installed a relatively current version, apply a patch update.
  3. Replace the codebase: Overwrite the codebase of your current version with the new codebase of BlueSpice pro.
  4. Start the update:
    1. Open a console and switch to he installation directory (the level of LocalSettings.php)
    2. Execute: php maintenance/update.php
  5. Re-index the search:
    1. Delete search index: php extensions/BlueSpiceExtendedSearch/maintenance/initbackends.php
    2. Create new search index: php extensions/BlueSpiceExtendedSearch/maintenance/rebuildIndex.php --quick
    3. Run jobs: php maintenance/runJobs.php