Manual backup

Backup of the database

To back up your database, use the native program mysqldump of MySQL/MariaDB: Open a console, switch to the directory <installpath-bluespice> and backup your database with the following command:

mysqldump -u <username> -p --lock-tables <database> > database.sql

For <username> , use the administrative database user, and for <database> , use the database of your MediaWiki/BlueSpice installation.

On Windows, make sure that your environment variables are set correctly, so that you can access the command mysqldump.

Backup of the file system

Back up the complete directory <installpath-bluespice>, which now also includes the database image, to a different location on your server.

For security reasons, immediately delete the file<installpath-bluespice>/database.sql, since it can be accessed from the browser.

Using the mediawiki-adm tool

To eas backup and restore one can also use the mediawiki-adm tool. It can be downloaded here:

Example usage:

mediawiki-adm wiki-backup \
    --mediawiki-root <installpath-bluespice> \
    --dest /mnt/backup/

The tool will leave out all unnecessary data (like temporary files and cache database tables)and produce much smaller backup files that the manual method described above. It also allows to create versioned backups.

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