Backup of the database

To back up your database, use the native program "mysqldump" of MySQL/MariaDB: Open a console, switch to the directory <installpath-bluespice> and backup your database with the following command:

mysqldump -u <username> -p --lock-tables <database> > database.sql

For <username> , use the administrative database user, and for <database> , use the database of your MediaWiki/BlueSpice installation.

Hint:In Windows, make sure that your environment variables are set correctly, so that you can access the command "mysqldump".

Backup of the file system

Back up the complete directory <installpath-bluespice>, which now also includes the database image, to a different location on your server.

For security reasons, immediately delete the file<installpath-bluespice>/database.sql, since it can be accessed from the browser.

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