Semantic Forms Inputs

Semantic Forms Inputs
provides additional input types for Semantic Forms.
Status: stable
Developer: Stephan Gambke
Extension type: MediaWiki
Edition: BlueSpice pro
Dependencies: MediaWiki
License: -
"-" is not in the list (ISC, MIT, WTFPL, GPL v2+, GPL v2+ and MIT, GPL v3+, GPL v3, GPL v3 only, GPL v2+ and BSD 3 Clause) of allowed values for the "BSExtensionInfoLicense" property.
Activated: -
"-" is not recognized as a Boolean (true/false) value.
Category: Data Analysis
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Semantic Forms Inputs is an extension to MediaWiki that provides additional input types for Semantic MediaWikis that use the Semantic Formsextension.

The Semantic Forms extension allows users to add, edit and query data of a Semantic MediaWiki using forms. For every form field the input type specifies the type of input a field will have in the form. Semantic Forms comes with basic input types for all data types. This extension -- Semantic Forms Inputs -- aims to collect further, optically and/or functionally enhanced input types.

Additional input types for Semantic Forms.

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