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solves a general security vulnerability of MediaWikis.
Status: stable
Developer: HalloWelt
Extension type: BlueSpice
Edition: BlueSpice free, BlueSpice pro
Dependencies: BlueSpice
License: -"-" is not in the list (ISC, MIT, WTFPL, GPL v2+, GPL v2+ and BSD 3 Clause, GPL v2+ and MIT, GPL v3+, GPL v3, GPL v3 only) of allowed values for the "BSExtensionInfoLicense" property.
Activated: Yes
Category: Security


SecureFileStore (prev. SecureImages) solves a general security vulnerability of MediaWikis.

Usage / Features

Up to now pictures and documents could be found with search engines like google, even then the wiki-sites were protected by user permissions.

Especially in a business environment it is important that uploaded data is only accessible for authorized users. Pictures and documents should be visible for registered users.

Technical information


This extension offers no configurations.

Rights (permissions)

When the SecureFileStore-Extension is active, then the pictures and documents are only shown when the appropriate authorization is met. If not, then there will be an error code “403 Forbidden”. Additionally the webserver administrator has to ban the HTTP-access to the MediaWiki-upload-directory.


SecureFileStore requires BlueSpiceFoundation.

User manual

For detailed description and usage, visit our user manual.

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