Semantic Internal Objects

Extension: Semantic Internal Objects

Description: defines a parser function, #set_internal, that is used to define "internal objects" or "n-ary relations" within Semantic MediaWiki.
State: stable Dependency: MediaWiki
Developer: Yaron Koren License: GPL v2+
Type: MediaWiki Category: Data Analysis
Edition: BlueSpice pro, BlueSpice Farm, BlueSpice Cloud
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Semantic Internal Objects is an extension to MediaWiki that works in conjunction with Semantic MediaWiki. It provides two parser functions, '#set_internal' and '#set_internal_recurring_event', both of which are used to define "internal objects" within the Semantic MediaWiki system. These are compound types of information, sometimes known as 'n-ary relations', that involve more than one data value associated together. Semantic Internal Objects lets you define a two-dimensional table of information on a single page, with a call to #set_internal being used to store each row.

A simple example is in a cooking recipe: a recipe may call for 1 cup of flour, and the values "1", "cup" and "flour" must be encoded together - by themselves, the values are not meaningful (the third value has meaning, though not all of the meaning it could have).

Such compound information can also be stored via SMW itself. How and whether you should, though, depends on which version of SMW you're using:

  • For versions 1.5-1.7 of SMW, you definitely need Semantic Internal Objects to store this sort of data.
  • For SMW 1.8, you can use the #subobject call from SMW instead of SIO's #set_internal. However, if you want to store recurring events, SIO's #set_internal_recurring_event is superior in some ways to SMW's #set_recurring_event.
  • For SMW 1.9 and higher, the SMW function #set_recurring_event uses subobjects, which means that there is no longer any advantage, in terms of the data structure, to using the Semantic Internal Objects extension. However, the syntax of SIO's parser functions may still be preferable to that of SMW's corresponding functions.

Setting of internal objects in Semantic MediaWiki.

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