Extension: Replace Text

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Description: Provides a form to let administrators do string replacements on the entire wiki, for both page contents and page titles.
State: stable Dependency: MediaWiki
Developer: Yaron Koren, Niklas Laxström License: GPL v2+
Type: MediaWiki Category: Administration
Edition: BlueSpice pro, BlueSpice free, BlueSpice Farm, BlueSpice Cloud
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The ReplaceText extension from MediaWiki allows to change text passages in pages or page titles throughout the entire wiki. The existing text and the replacement text can be entered in a form. The extension searches for these words or text passages and replaces them after a confirmation screen. Filters and configurations are available. In addition to this, complex text changes can be achieved by using placeholders and regular expressions.  

Changes on the page title result in moving the original page - according to the wiki principle. There are some configurations for the moved page.


Test status: 2-testing complete
Checked for: Authoring tool
Last test date: 2022-08-08
WCAG level: AA
WCAG support: partially supports (workaround: no)

keyboard accessible.

Screenreader issues: no form field labels, warning box has no aria-label; initial focus for replacement founds is not set, so it is difficult to select pages.

Extension type: extended
Extension focus: admin