Extension: NSFileRepo

Description: implements per-namespace group permissions for image and file rights protection.
State: stable Dependency: BlueSpice
Developer: HalloWelt License: GPL v2+
Type: BlueSpice Category: Document Management
Edition: BlueSpice pro, BlueSpice Farm, BlueSpice Cloud


NSFileRepo enables uploading files to namepaces. The extension restricts access to upload and read files and images to a given set of user groups associated with the protected namespaces.

Usage / features

Using this extension (within the security limitations noted above), you can protect not only pages and areas of your wiki, but also any uploaded images or files within those namespaces. Use the same syntax as a normal file reference link, adding the namespace between the file specified ("File", "Image" or "Media") and the file name.

Technical information


Image Authorization must be configured properly.

Rights (permissions)

This extension does not require any special rights. If users will be allowed to access files in a particular namespace depends on the "read" permission for that namespace.


NSFileRepo requires BlueSpiceFoundation.

More info

For detailed description and usage, visit our help page.

Technical details on how this extension works can be found on MediaWiki.


Try out associating files such as images with namespaces in our BlueSpiceDemo.