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Description: Provides a special page for maintaining the Interwiki table.
State: stable Dependency: MediaWiki
Developer: Stephanie Amanda Stevens, SPQRobin License: GPL v2+
Type: MediaWiki Category: Administration
Edition: BlueSpice free (deactivated), BlueSpice pro (deactivated), BlueSpice Farm (deactivated) Version: 4.1+
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The Interwiki extension adds the "Special:Interwiki" page to MediaWiki, to view and edit the interwiki table, and a log of any actions made with it.

This extension modifies the database directly, so you should back up your database before using it.

Since Interwiki version 2.1, it works with the $wgInterwikiCache, and the CSS uses Resource Loader.

This extension allows the InterWiki list in the database to be maintained from a list of entries in a file instead of running an update script or using a special page. This has the advantage of allowing a number of wikis installed on the same server to share the same interwiki list simplifying maintenance.

The default file from which the InterWiki entries are taken is a file called InterWiki.txt which resides in the same directory as the extension script. A different file can be specified by setting the $wgInterWikiFile global, but only the filename should be specified, and it must still reside in the same directory as the extension script.

Another global is $wgInterWikiAddOnly which is set to true by default and specifies that entries which are present in the file should update existing items in the database or insert new ones, but current items which are not present in the file should not be deleted from the database. If $wgInterWikiAddOnly is set to false, the database will be made to exactly match the items in the file and contain no other items.


Test status: 2-testing complete
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Special page not activated.

Extension type: backend