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Create lists of other articles based on their category, namespace, title, references or template usage and include contents or arguments of template calls of those articles into your page.
Status: stable
Developer: Alexia E. Smith, Algorithmix, Dangerville, IlyaHaykinson, Theaitetos, Unendlich
Extension type: MediaWiki
Edition: BlueSpice free
Dependencies: MediaWiki
License: GPL v2+
Activated: Yes
Category: Reporting
Documentation on MediaWiki.org

Note: This is a continuation and fork of DynamicPageList (third-party). It is a fully reworked object oriented code base, significant code and database speed improvements, and is fully backwards compatible with previous versions.

The DynamicPageList3 extension is a reporting tool for MediaWiki, listing category members and intersections with various formats and details. For full documentation, see the full original manual or the manual at gamepedia.

For more information please visit MediaWiki.