Extension: BlueSpiceUEModulePDFRecursive

Description: Enables recursive export of pages into PDF format.
State: stable Dependency: BlueSpice
Developer: HalloWelt License:

GPL-3.0-onlyProperty "BSExtensionInfoLicense" (as page type) with input value "</br>GPL-3.0-only" contains invalid characters or is incomplete and therefore can cause unexpected results during a query or annotation process.

Type: BlueSpice Category: Export
Edition: BlueSpice pro, BlueSpice Farm, BlueSpice Cloud


UEModulePDFRecursive export an article and included links to PDF format.

  • Starting from the page where the recursive export is called, this page and all internally linked wiki pages are output.
  • Only the links on the source page will be included. Links to linked pages are ignored. The recursion depth is therefore 1.
  • A link "Recursively export page" is inserted in the widget bar.

Technical Information

This information applies to BlueSpice 3 . Technical details for BlueSpice cloud can differ in some cases.


  • MediaWiki: 1.31
  • BlueSpiceFoundation: 3.2

BlueSpiceUniversalExport: 3.2

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