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Rating functionality for BlueSpiceSocial-entities

State: stable Dependency: BlueSpice
Developer: HalloWelt License: GPL-3.0-only
Type: BlueSpice Category: Communication
Edition: BlueSpice pro, BlueSpice Farm, BlueSpice Cloud


SocialRating provides a rating system with recommendations for SocialEntities.

Warning!Pages in the namespaces SocialEntity and User are indexed by search engines by default until version 3.1.13. If you run a public wiki with an earlier version, you should exclude these namespaces from being searchable unless you want these pages to be indexed by public search engines.

This extension provides a button that allows to recommend certain types of social entities such as blog entries. It is not possible to recommend social entities of type profile.

Technical Information[edit source]

This information applies to BlueSpice 4. Technical details for BlueSpice Cloud can differ in some cases.

Requirements[edit source]

  • MediaWiki: 1.35.0
  • BlueSpiceFoundation: 4.0

BlueSpiceRating: 4.0 BlueSpiceSocial: 4.0

Integrates into[edit source]

  • BlueSpiceRating

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