Adding RSS feeds to a page

The extension RSS displays RSS feeds in a wiki page.

Feedlink erstellen

Use an RSS tag for each feed:

<rss max=4 highlight="MediaWiki BlueSpice"></rss>


The rss element can contain parameters if you provide them as attributes to the rss element:

attribute description
template="name" Encodation of the feed. You need iconv for conversions
item-max-length="1000" maximum lenght of text that is shown
date="(Y-m-d H:i:s)" shows date and time
max="n" shows at most the given number of elements
highlight="term1 term2 ..." highlight selected terms in different colours
filter="term1 term2 ..." show only RSS items with at least one of the terms
filterout="term1 term2 ..." do not show any RSS item containing any of these terms
reverse display the RSS items in reverse order


Allowed URLs have to be defined in the configuration manager:

  • URL whitelist: RSS feeds need to be whitelisted here by an administrator before they can be displayed in a wiki page.
  • Maximum number of allowed redirects: If there are URL redirects for any of the whitelisted URLs, the number of redirects needs to be adjusted (usually to 1 or 2).
RSS Feed settings
RSS Feed settings