The main navigation can be found on the left side of the wiki page. This bar contains the navigation, every user can see and use (in contrast to the Focus, which can be customized from the user as individual and personal navigation). To change the main navigation, you need to have administrator rights. Besides: in the navigation bar, you can link important areas and portals (like departments or main topics).

Change the content of the navigation

You can find the code of the navigation bar on this page:


If you have the administratior right, also a link "Edit sidebar" will be shown at the bottom of the navigation panel.


If you take a look at MediaWiki:Sidebar, you may see that it is a list. * is a header and ** a list item under the header.

The list items are like normal wiki links. The first part after the ** is the name of the page, you want to link to. In normal wiki code, this name is in brackets, e.g. Testpage. You don´t need these brackets here. Just type in the name of the page. The second part after the | is the description, this means it´s the text which will be shown in the navigation.


* Navigation
** Main_Page|Main page
** Special:AllPages|From A to Z 
* Enterprise
** Company|Company
** Staff|Staff
** Sales and Marketing|Sales, Marketing, Projectmangement
** Products and services|Products 
** Category:Organisation|Customers and Organisationen


It is not possible to create subitems in the navigation bar.

Insert icons in the navigation

You can assign individual icons to the navigation points by adjusting the styling using CSS.

To do so, proceed as follows:

Suppose you have created a menu item "Hints" as described above and now want to equip it with an appropriate icon.

  • Open the page MediaWiki:Common.css in edit mode.
  • Add the following lines to the end of the page and save:
#n-Hints > i:nth-child(1)::before {
    content: '\e90e';
    font-family: 'entypo';
  • To make the change visible, it is usually necessary to empty the browser cache.

Please note that the display name (in this case "Hints") and not the page title must be used here; spaces must be replaced by hyphens ("-").

When special characters are used, there may be difficulties because they are converted in the HTML code of the page. In such a case, right-click on the corresponding entry and, depending on the browser used, select "Examine element" or similar. You will now see the underlying source code and should see a part that has this form:

<a id="n-MENUENTRY" class="list-group-item" ..... >

In the above example, replace #n-Hints with #n-MENUENTRY.

You can see all available icons on the page ../extensions/BlueSpiceFoundation/resources/bs.icons.php of your wiki. Here you find an overview of the symbols available in this particlar wiki.

In the upper line you can click through different fonts, below you find the icons with the corresponding character keys. In MediaWiki:Common.css you have to adjust the entries font-family (font) and content (character key) accordingly.



  • No book navigation appears

    Created 2 months and 2 weeks ago P technik

    Error: I have an intallation of BlueSpice docu starter (v. 2.23) with bookmaker extension installed. I can create a book with articles and subarticles in the book manager. However, the navigation for the book does not appear in the Book navigation on the left navigation area. The books are listed. Clicking on a book title displays the first page in the book. No book navigation appears. Only the title of the book as a clickable link that takes you to the first article in the page.

    Solution: The Bookmaker adds tags to the pages included in the book. You may have a look at the pages included in the book, to reset the tag and insert it in the correct way you could try to save the book again. To do so go to the BookManager (via Special:Specialpages -> BlueSpice -> Book Manager), select the book needed and click on the small arrow next to the save button on the right bottom of the Book Editor. Here select “Save and add book navigation to each article” this time. A restart of the apache is not mandatory but may solve the problem here as well.