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This feature is available from BlueSpice 4.3.

Available templates

To create portal pages in our wiki, you can use our pre-designed starter pages. Currently, the following starter pages are available:

Importing additional templates

To make additional templates in your wiki available, import them from our Startpage templates download page. If you want to create your own, simply create additional pages starting with the page name "Help:Startpage ...." and its necessary subpages.

Using the template

To use any startpage templates, the following steps are necessary:

  1. Go to the page Template:Startpage in your wiki.
  2. Click on the link for one of the available templates. This brings you to the template in the Help: namespace.
  3. Copy the page including its subpages to a location of your choice. For example, make it the main page for an existing namespace that does not have a main page yet (e.g., IT:Main Page would create the main page for the IT: namespace).
    BlueSpice "copy" dialog with a new page name and the subpages checkbox selected
    Copying a start page template

Editing your start page

Editing the subpages

After copying a start page to your wiki location, you can start to edit it. The sections of the start page are not located on the page itself, but are stored as subpages of the start page. To edit a section, click the edit icon at the end of the page and select a subpage:

Screenshot of the edit button
The edit button

Once you are on the subpage, you can edit it like any wiki page. If the page contains a template, edit the template. If the page contains the content directly on the page, you can replace it with any content you like.

Adding or removing sections

To add, edit, or remove sections from the Startpage, you need to work in the source view of your page. Since the title area is hidden, you need to go to your page tools in the right sidebar.

In the Details section, click ...all actions. From the actions dialog window, select Edit source.

The "Edit source link" highlighted in the all actions menu
All actions menu

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