The SendMail activity is a very generic activity. It is meant to send a report via mail after an action has been completed. This could be done after voting, but may also concern other activities in future, for example.

Following a quick overview:

Short profile
Name SendMail
Async No
Input/form -
Associated to Approval Workflows, Collect Feedback Workflows
BPMN type bpmn:Task



Name of property Source Description Type Action
assigned_user UserVote Name of the user, who casted the vote string collect
comment UserVote Comment of the user string collect
vote UserVote Result of the voting (values: YES, NO) string collect
reportrecipient CollectData Mailadress of the user who was specified to receive an email after the workflow is finished string collect
timestamp Timestamp of the date when mail is sent timestamp display
timestamp Timestamp of the voting timestamp display
username Name of the user, who casted a vote string display
groupname Name of the group, who casted a vote string display
vote Result of the voting boolean / string display
comment Comment of the user concerning a wikipage string display


Name of property Source Description Type Action
subject SendMail Subject of the mail incl. corresponding wikipage affected by previous activity string display
body SendMail Standardized text in a mail, which includes
  • the name of the user who casted the vote
  • a comment, which was left by the user
  • the voting result
string display

Extension elements

Name of extension element Description Type

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