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What is BlueSpiceWatchList?

BlueSpiceWatchList improves on standard MediaWiki watchlist functionality and adapts it to BlueSpice environment.

Using the watchlist

Every registered user has an ablity to mark pages that are important to them, and keep them in an easy-accessible place, called watchlist. It is basically a quick-access list for the pages deemed most important to the user.

Adding pages to watchlist

Button to watch/unwatch the page

On every content article, registred users will have a button to add the page to their watchlist in the top right corner of the article, in page tools. This button is marked with an "star" icon. This button can be displayed in two ways:

  • hollow star - just outlined - means that the page is not currently being watched by the user, and clicking this button will add the page to the user's watchlist.
  • full star - means that the page is being watched by the user, and clicking on this button will remove the page from the watchlist (unwatch).

Viewing the watchlist

Accessing the watchlist
Watchlist page

Every user, in their personal menu (accessible by clicking on the user icon in the top right corner of the page), has the "Watchlist" entry. Clicking on this item leads to Special:Watchlist where the list containing all watched pages is located.

Here, users can see the most relevant informations about the pages in their watchlist, as well as filter the list based on various criteria.

Pages that have been changed since the last time user visited them will appear in bold. All pages can be marked as "read" by clicking the "Mark all pages visited" button that will appear if such pages exist.

Other ways of getting pages into watchlist

In addition to manually marking page as "watched", there are several ways page can be added to the watchlist automatically. For example, whenever the user creates or edits the page, that page will be added to the watchlist (unless explicitly set not to).


All users watching certain page will get notifications about all changes on that page, if the page is edited, deleted, moved... In order to receive notifications, user must subscribe to relevant notifications in their UserPreferences, under Notifications tab.

Watchlist widget

Preferences for Watchlist widget

BlueSpiceWatchlist also provides a widget to display the list of pages in the watchlist in user sidebar. This list can be configured from UserPreferences, under BlueSpice section:

  • Limit of entries - number of pages to show in the widget
  • Sort by - criteria by which to sort pages in the watchlist

See also

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