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4.55. UserManager

What is UserManager?

UserManager provides a visual interface to administrate users.

Where to find UserManager?

In the left navigation you will find "Admin". There is a listing of admin functions. Click on "User manager". You see the Admin navigation only if you have administration rights.


Functions of UserManager

In the user manager you can add and delete users as well as change settings.

Screenshot: Overview of the User Manager

Change settings

You can change the following settings:

Btn-plus.png Add user
Add new users. You need to fill in the following information: User name, new password, retype password, e-mail, real name (this name will be shown in the articles)
Btn-edit.png Edit user data
Change user name, e-mail or real name. In case you have forgotten your password, a new password can be allocated to you. Create a new password and confirm it. Change the groups a user belongs to. Mark the groups and click "ok". To define rights for groups have a look at the group manager or permission manager.

Attention: All users always belong to the groups "*" and "user".

Btn-minus.png Delete user
After a confirmation the account will be deleted.

It is not allowed to use your user name as password. The system will show the error "wrong password". This is very important especially if you have an LDAP connection. MediaWiki will create a user but the user can't registrate with this password.

Edit Groups

Screenshot: Group check in the User Manager

The following groups can be administrated:

bot - Permission for WikiBot
bureaucrat - constitute sysops
sysop - Group of system adminstrators

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