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What is Statistics?[edit | edit source]

Statistic is tool for the evaluation of wiki-internal activities.

Functionality[edit | edit source]

Statistics are generated in 2 steps:

Step: Select diagram contents and filters. This is possible in a preference field on the left. The field can be folded. Step: Create a diagram.

1st step:[edit | edit source]

Diagram selection:


  • Number of users: All users who have registered in the selected period.
  • Number of pages: All pages created in the selected period. Namespace, links etc. do not matter here.
  • Number of articles: All pages created in the selected period, in a content namespace, have at least one internal link. Must be compliant with the MediaWiki statistics of the articles.
  • Number of edits: All revisions created in the selected period.
  • Edits per user: A quotient of "number of edits" and "number of pages" is formed per interval.

Display options:

  • Mode
    • absolute: the respective number of hits,
    • aggregated: the accumulated number of hits. This graph always increases or stays at the same level.
    • as a list: the individual hits are output in a sortable list.
  • Resolution (year, month (default), week, day).


  • Both dates empty: no time limit,
  • Date from empty: oldest time (first user or first page would be possible here) First user seems more plausible because a user is created during the installation.)
  • Date to empty: today.
  • Namespace: no selection results in an empty result set because each page is associated with a namespace. Desirable is an option "all".
  • Category: no selection means no filtering by category, with unassigned pages included. If the query is not too time-consuming, you should be able to search explicitly for pages without category assignment. For this an additional entry "without category" could be offered.


  • Changes to the settings trigger a chart refresh immediately after clicking Create Chart for the first time,
  • Until the diagram is displayed, a charge indicator appears-

Step 2: Diagram creation The diagram is created as an image including headings and text information (legend).

  • The diagram can be exported as a picture.
  • Diagrams are cached.

See also[edit | edit source]

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