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What is SaferEdit? hhh

SaferEdit saves the article automatically at predefined intervals. Users can set in there preferences, if they want to see a warning message when they leave the page without saving pending changes.

My change

Where to find SaferEdit?


And next time when you will leave your article without saving:

SaferEdit4 .jpg

Additional functions

The recovery versions are saved for the user and are only available to this user. They are not, however, deleted when he or she logs off, and are available when the user logs on again. The issue of edit conflicts often comes up here: If the page has been edited by another author, then this is shown in the StateBar, in order to let other authors know.

Tips for working with SaferEdit

SafeEdit is useful when you have just accidentally closed the input box or left it. If, on the other hand, you open a page for the first time and find old recovery versions, you can generally just delete them.
If the page is intentionally left, however, i.e. you have saved the page or clicked on "Cancel", then the existing recovery versions are deleted and are not available.
Incidentally, MagicWord can be used to switch saving off.

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