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InsertFile extends the Insert media dialog of VisualEditor, providing an advanced interface for inserting files and images in the page. It offers direct file upload from the edit mode.

Inserting files

In edit mode, click on Insert >Media in the VisualEditor toolbar.

VisualEditor: Insert Media
VisualEditor: Insert Media

In the dialog that opens, there is a Advanced search tab. This tab holds the functionality of this extension.

Advanced search dialog
Advanced search dialog

This view provides detailed information about the file or image including its size, uploader, or extension. More information can be added to the grid by selecting additional columns. This can be done by clicking the "down arrow" in the header of any column and selecting additional columns from the Columns menu.

The section above the grid itself contains the following elements:

  • Search bar to filter results
  • Upload button to instantly upload and insert the uploaded files
  • Namespace selector to select files and images from a particular namespace.

Inserting a file in the page

To insert a file from the results list in a page, klick into the empty space around the file name.

Possible clicks:

(1) Click on file name: opens the file description page in a new tab

(2) Click on preview image: opens the image in a new tab

(3) Click on empty space: inserts the image in the page

Insert a file on a page
Insert a file on a page

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