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ExportTables allows exporting tables and grids on wiki pages to Excel formats.

How to export a table

Any regular table that is insert on a page can be exported. Before table export is possible, the table must be configured to support exporting.

Making a table exportable
Making a table exportable

In VisualEditor

While editing a page in VisualEditor, click on the table and select Properties. In the dialog that is opened, activtate the option Exportable.

Opening table properties in VisualEditor
Opening table properties in VisualEditor

In Wikitext

A table can be set to be exportable in wikitext as well. Add the classes "bs-exportable" and "exportable" to the table's "class" argument.

{| class="wikitable bs-exportable exportable"

After saving the page, all users viewing the page can export the table by right-clicking on the table and selecting an export format.


Formats that are offered for exporting a page are:

  • CSV - Comma separated values
  • XLS - Microsoft Office Excel 2003
  • XLSX - Microsoft Office Excel
    The "export table" menu in page view mode
    The "export table" menu in page view mode

Exporting data from grids

In addition to exporting the tables on pages, most of BlueSpice managers and other extensions that display tabluar data also allow exporting of data. Exporting such data is done over the "Export table" menu in right top corner of the managers like the Namespace manager.

Exporting tables in management grids
Exporting tables in management grids

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