4.17. BlueSpiceExpiry

What is BlueSpiceExpiry?


Expiry marks after a certain period of time a chosen article as "obsolete". The article can be updated by editing or by confirming that the article is still up-to-date.

Expiry is the ideal basis for an archiving system. Outdated articles can be moved to an archive after being queried.

Using BlueSpiceExpiry

Expiry can be set on any content page of the wiki. Expiry for a page can be set from the right navigation, "Quality management" tab. After clicking on "Expiry", a flyout with expiry information will open.

If the expiry was already set on the page, information about when the page will expire, or whether it is already expired will be displayed in the flyout. In this case user can remove the expiration from the page by clicking on "Unexpire the page".

In case there was no expiration previously set on the page, a form for setting expiration will be shown. Here, user can select the date page expires on, enter a short comment and select whether a reminder for this page should be created (for more about reminders read BlueSpiceReminder). After saving the expiry, page will be reloaded and updated information will be displayed.

Expiration overview

Expiry manager

Wiki admins can see all of the pages set to expire, along with expiry information for those pages on Special:Expiry page. This page can be accessed from the Expiry flyout described above, by clicking on Expiry manager at the bottom of the flyout. All expirations can be deleted or edited from the page.

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