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Emoticons are converted to small smiley images that are rendered in view mode. BlueSpice has a list of emoticons, or smilies, coming from chat jargon. These can enhance communication by expressing things like irony, for example. If a user adds a smiley to an article, this is transformed into an image.

Using emoticons

The following sequences of symbols are transformed into emoticons. Here is the list of BlueSpice smilies where you see the sequence of symbols, then the name of the image, then the image and a short description:

:-( sad.png emoticon sad 
:-| neutral.png emoticon neutral, sceptical 
:-@ angry.png emoticon angry, annoyed 
;-) wink.png emoticon winking, ironic 
:-D smile-big.png emoticon laughing 
:-/ thinking.png emoticon thinking 
:-X shut-mouth.png emoticon sealed lips 
:'(  crying.png emoticon crying 
:-O shock.png emoticon shocked, surprised 
:-S confused.png emoticon undecided, confused 
:lol: laugh.png emoticon laughing
8-) glasses-cool.png emoticon cool, sunglasses 
(:| yawn.png emoticon yawning 
:good:good.png emoticon good, thumbs up 
:bad: bad.png emoticon bad, thumbs down 
:-[ embarrassed.png emoticon embarrassed, blushing 
[-X shame.png emoticon ashamed 

Note: Emoticons cannot be used directly at the start of a line! This could otherwise lead to conflicts with other wiki markup e.g. indents or lists which start with : or ;. Therefore, always leave a space before an emoticon.

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