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To manage permissions, you use the Permission manager. It is located under Global actions > Management > Permission manager. This links to the page Special:PermissionManager.

Permission types[edit | edit source]

An administrator can select between three permission settings. By default, the wiki is set to be private.

Permission manager settings
Permission manager settings

Permission type Description
Protected wiki The wiki is visible to anyone. Only logged-in users can edit the wiki.
Private wiki Only logged-in users can view and edit the wiki.
Custom setup Roles and groups are assigned by an administrator.

In BlueSpice pro Cloud it is not possible to assign the rights edit, comment, or upload to anonymous users.

Custom setup[edit | edit source]

Important! If you want to manually manage the permissions in your wiki, you need to be familiar with the concept of groups and roles in the wiki. Please check the necessary info about the BlueSpice Permission manager before assigning roles to groups.

Note: In BlueSpice pro Cloud, it is not possible to assign edit, comment, or upload rights to anonymous users.

The following user groups and roles are assigned by default when saving the custom setup:

User group Initially assigned roles Purpose of this group Suggested role
anonymous users (*) reader Determines if anonymous users can read wiki content. (no role assignment) or reader
user reader, editor Determines the rights authenticated users have if they don't belong to any other groups. reader or reader, editor
autoreview (inherited from user) For users whose page revisions are automatically accepted without further approval. maintenanceadmin (Note: This role has even more rights than the admin role and should be applied carefully.)
bot (inherited from user) (System group) Used for automated tasks in the wiki. bot
bureaucrat (inherited from user).


(System group)
editor (inherited from user) Grants edit rights to the wiki. editor
interface-admin (inherited from user)
reviewer (inherited from user),


Grants rights to approve page revisions if the approval feature is activated. reviewer
smwadministrator (inherited from user) Automatically created by Semantic MediaWiki extension. -
smwcurator (inherited from user) Automatically created by Semantic MediaWiki extension. -
smweditor (inherited from user) Automatically created by Semantic MediaWiki extension. -
sysop (inherited from user),


Grants administrator rights to the wiki.

Included in roles: admin, maintenanceadmin

widgeteditor (inherited from user) Allows editing pages in the Widget: namespace.

Included in roles: admin, maintenanceadmin or structuremanager

admin or structuremanager