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What is NSFileRepo?

NSFileRepo enables uploading files to namepaces. Extension restricts access to upload and read files and images to a given set of user groups associated with protected namespaces. Using this extension (within the security limitations noted above), you can protect not only pages and areas of your wiki, but also any uploaded images or files within those namespaces. Provide namespace based features to uploaded files.


File is still being uploaded to the File namespace (NS_FILE) but it contains additional namespace that can be any of the namespaces defined on the wiki. Such files have structure:


For example file can be uploaded to "Private" namespace and access to that namespace can be resticted to particular user group(s):


The standard for accessing files is generally:


Access to particular namespace can be managed by using BlueSpicePermissionManager extension.

Technical details on how this extension works can be found here.

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