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MultiUpload allows the simultaneous upload of multiple files to the wiki.

Where to find BlueSpiceMultiUpload?[edit | edit source]

If BlueSpiceMultiUpload is enabled on the wiki, it will replace the link for uploading files, which is located in the left navigation, under the Global actions tab.

Uploading files

Using BlueSpiceMultiUpload[edit | edit source]

Clicking the Upload file link in the left navigation opens the operating system's file manager. Multiple files can be selected.

After confirming the selection of files, a wiki upload dialog appears, in which additional data about files being uploaded can be added collectively:

  • the namespace to upload to,
  • the category to attach to the files,
  • a description (will be the same for all files), and
  • the license information
Upload dialog

All settings are optional.

After configuring the settings, click Done to upload the file(s).

Standard MediaWiki upload[edit | edit source]

Even with BlueSpiceMultiUpload installed, the standard Mediawiki upload special page is still available and functional on Special:Upload.

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