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What is BlueSpiceInterwikiSearch?

BlueSpiceInterwikiSearch alows simultaneously searching other BlueSpice3 wikis when performing a search on the wiki.



If BlueSpiceInterwikiSearch is enabled and configured on the wiki, every time user performs a search using the Special:SearchCenter, results from other wikis will be shown as well. Results from other wikis will be shown at the top of the page, below the filters, in form of Wiki name (number of results) buttons.

Viewing results from other wikis

Results from other wiki in a dialog

Clicking on a particular wiki's button will open a dialog containg the first page of the results, in order to enable quick and easy way of visualizing the results. If the desired document is not listed on this page, user can redirect to the target wiki and perform a full search on that wiki, by clicking on "Open full search" button at the top right corner of the dialog. This will open the Special:SearchCenter on the target wiki, with current search term already inserted.

Configuring BlueSpiceInterwikiSearch

In order to set up this service, wiki administrator must add following settings into LocalSettings.php:

$GLOBALS['bsgBlueSpiceInterwikiSearch']['Wiki_name'] = [
   "name" => "Wiki name", // Will be displayed as the wiki name in the results
   "api-endpoint" => "",
   "search-on-wiki-url" => "" // URL to the SearchCenter SpecialPage on target wiki

Note: This does not apply to BlueSpiceWikiFarm users, BlueSpiceInterwikiSearch within a WikiFarm is handled separately.

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