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The BlueSpiceExtendedFilelist extension provides a special page to interact with the wiki file repo. It features a friendly user interface that allows sorting and filtering by a variety of fields.

Working with the extended file list[edit | edit source]

The link Extended File list in the Global actions tab of the navigation loads the page Special:ExtendedFilelist.

Extended file list
Extended file list

In addition to a sortable and filterable overview of all files uploaded to the wiki, new files can be uploaded directly from the user interface.

Possible actions[edit | edit source]

The following functionality is available for this page:

  • Filter the list: In the Filter input field, type in a search term to find matching files.
  • Clearing the filter: Click on the X-icon to clear the filter field.
  • Upload new files: Click the upload icon next to the filter field to add files to the wiki (multi-upload is possible). Alternatively, you can click on the magnifying glass in the filter field.
  • Filter by namespace: Select a namespace from the drop-down menu to show files from a particular namespace.
  • Browse results: Navigate through the different pages of the file list.
  • Change the results per page: Set how many files are shown per page.
  • Sort the file list: Click on any column header to change the sort order (ascending / descending). Alternatively, hover over any column header and click on the arrow to open the sort menu.
  • Show/hide columns: Hover over any header and click on the arrow to open the column filter. Select the columns you want to display.
  • Filter a column: Hover over any header and click on the arrow to open the column filter. Hover over Filter and type in a filter term.
  • Viewing the file: Click on the thumbnail image to open the file.
  • Viewing the file description page: Click on the file name to open the file description page.

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