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implements per-namespace group permissions.
Status: stable
Developer: Daniel Kinzler
Extension type: MediaWiki
Edition: BlueSpice free
Dependencies: MediaWiki
License: GPL v2+
Activated: Yes
Category: Security

Lockdown group permissions per namespace.

The Lockdown extension implements a way to restrict access to specific namespaces and special pages to a given set of user groups. This provides a more finely grained security model than the one provided by the default $wgGroupPermissions and $wgNamespaceProtection settings.

The following pages about the security model used by MediaWiki per default may be helpful to understand the instructions below:

Managing groups[<a href="https://www.mediawiki.org/w/index.php?title=Extension:Lockdown&action=edit&section=7" title="Edit section: Managing groups">edit][edit | edit source]

You can control which user belongs to which groups with the page Special:Userrights. Only existing groups will be proposed, but you can "create" a new group by creating an entry for it in Manual:$wgGroupPermissions(even if you don't actually need to set a permission there, but it has to appear on the left hand side of the array). 

For more information please visit MediaWiki.