MediaWiki and hence also BlueSpice offers many possibilities to format your text to make it easier to read. Here is a short overview of the most important ones:

Formatting text (using Wiki text)

Formatting Description Wiki page
'''bold''', ''italic'', <u>underlined</u>, etc
* First list item
* Second list item
# Numered list
Create headings, mark text bold, italic, underlined, etc. and arrange items in unordered or ordered lists. Formatting help
Tables in MediaWiki may appear pretty complex at first, but here are some helpful articles:

Tables in the WYSIWYG editor

Tables in Wikicode

<poem> ... </poem>
With the poem tag you can create nicer paragraphs and more. Poem
A colon at the beginning of a line makes the text indent.
<nowiki> ... </nowiki>
Allows to display Wikicode without processing it.