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What is Bookshelf?

Bookshelf enables you to combine different wiki articles to create books and also to export those as a pdf document.

Where to find the features of Bookshelf?

You will find a link to the Book Manager under global actions' in the left navigation or under special pages. There you can add, edit or delete books. Click on a book and you will get to the Book Editor where you can manage its chapters.

The possibility to export the book (or parts of it) can also be found in the Book Editor. Above the bookstructure you find a button to Export selection.

Additionally, you can export any wiki article via the export symbol on the top right of the corresponding article.


If you have the correct permissions, you will be able to see the link "Preferences" in the "Admin" section in the left hand navigation bar. There you will find preferences for "Bookshelf" which you can activate or deactivate:

  • Prepend article table of contents and headlines with book numberation.
  • Supress namespace prefix of book articles in output.
  • Use display title from book source on article.

Manage books

Click on "Manage books" in your WidgetBar and it leas you to the special page Special:BookManager, which provides an overview of all available books.
The following actions can be performed:

Button Action
Button Add.png

Add book: opens a dialogue for inserting the title of the new book.


Copy book: Copy an existing book and edit it afterwards.

Button Edit.png

Edit book: leads you to the book editor, where you can add articles to the book, delete them or change the position in the book structure with drag & drop.

Button Delete.png

Delete book: completely deletes the article collection (but not the articles).

Screenshot: Chapter navigation in the sidebar

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