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What is BlueSpiceSignHere?

BlueSpice Sign Here allows you to quickly sign off a wiki article. It enhances and automatize built-in MediaWiki functions that allows users to leave they signature on the page, as a proof of identity after editing the page or leaving a comment.

Using BlueSpiceSignHere?

While in edit mode, add (usually on the bottom), the following tag: <bs:signhere/>

Once the page is saved, every user who visits the page, will see a "sign here" field. By clicking on this field, user will be signed, showing their username as well as the timestamp of the signing.

Signatures will appear in chronological order, as users have signed. All signatures will be visible to all users visiting the page.



Question of forgery is very important on this subject. Every user's signature will be added to the page in plain text, as it would be when using the built-in MediaWiki signature function. While it may not be obvious to users reading the page, all users able to edit the page, would be able to change, add or remove signatures. As a safe-guard against such actions, page history log can be user. There, any change to signatures will be visible, along the the user who made the change.

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