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Edit Conflict

Edit Conflict will only occur if two (or more) users edit the same section of the page. Multiple users can work on the same page at the same time without conflict as long as their edits are in different sections.

Conflict handling

What happens if two authors edit an article in BlueSpice MediaWiki at the same time?

BlueSpice warns users that another user is also working on the article.


If this second user has already opened the article, the first author will be informed a few seconds later that a second author has changed the article in the meantime.


As soon as one of the authors saves his version, the other author is warned that a new version has been saved.


As soon as the second author saves, the normal MediaWiki conflict mechanism opens, if the authors have edited the same part of the text. You can compare the versions and add your own changes if necessary.


The number of editing conflicts can be reduced by editing only the section you want to change (and not the entire text).

Known problems

The MediaWiki software does not register editing conflicts correctly in some cases:

Restoring a previous article version does not trigger an edit conflict. Occasionally, when editing a single section, you may get a conflict with editing another section.