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Pages can only be deleted from Wiki-Admins. Deleted pages are, including the versions-history, not visible for normal users and can only be restored by admins. The restoration of deleted pages is very complex, it’s recommended to discuss with another admin before you delete a page.

How to delete a page

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Which pages should be deleted?

Every user can trace pages which are nominating to be deleted by using the special pages. The common Wiki-“Gardener” is using following special pages:

  • Spezial:Kürzeste_Seiten (German: shortest pages): Very short articles are sometimes not relevant enough, or could be added in another or superior page.
  • Spezial:Verwaiste_Seiten (German: orphaned pages): The orphaned pages are pages which aren’t or are only sparsely linked to other pages.
  • Spezial:Neue_Seiten (German: new pages): Here you can find a list of the recently appended pages. This can be helpful to find spam in public wikis.

Where can I find information about deleted pages?

  • Spezial:Logbuch/delete: Here is the log of the deleted pages. You can find deleted pages here and there is an option to restore deleted pages.
  • Spezial:Wiederherstellen: Here you can search for a deleted page, too.
  • Spezial:Gelöschte_Beiträge: On this site you can enter the Name or IP-adress of a certain user and find the articles he deleted.

Restoration of deleted pages

Deleted pages can be restored by a Wiki-Admin by using the Deletion log and clicking “restore” on the specific page. Hereafter you only have to reason why you want to restore and confirm.