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Content organization

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A guiding principle in a wiki environment is: All users can easily and immediately share their knowledge in writing and collaborate on content. For this it is not important for users to know how the wiki is organized.

Initially, a page can be created anywhere in the wiki, wherever a user has write access. If I do not find important information in the wiki as a user with write permissions, I can immediately create a new page.

It is, first of all, important that the information is shared. Where the resulting wiki page ultimately lives and how it is found does not necessarily have to be decided immediately.

In practice, however, there are many relationships between the individual pages. In addition, there are often different target groups for the respective content.

Therefore, it is important for administrators to set up the wiki so that the content can be meaningfully organized. There are important areas to consider:

  • User roles and permissions
  • Elements for structuring content:
    • namespaces
    • categories
    • pages and subpages

The following is a simple example for content organization:

drawio: inhaltsorganisation

To clarify how these wiki functions can be used efficiently for a single wiki or wiki farm, a content organization and content management concept should be developed. You should consider the following areas:

  1. Content strategy:
    1. What types of content do you share on the wiki?
    2. Who creates which content?
    3. Is there a need for pre-structured content formats?
  2. Information architecture
    1. How do I organize content, navigation paths and search capabilities to provide user-friendly access to existing information?
    2. Who has what kind of access to the content?
    3. What are the target groups for the different content areas?
  3. Quality management
    1. Which content must be checked and by whom?
    2. Do you have content with a predefined life cycle?
    3. Is all content meaningfully categorized?

If you don't have a content strategy, an information architecture and ideas about quality management when setting up a new wiki, the wiki can already be used while being unstructured. Collect and create content as soon as the wiki is technically available. It is only important that data protection aspects are clarified in advance and communicated accordingly when sharing company information. Through the search function and various special pages, the content can easily be searched and retrieved.

As the content grows, administrators can then take inventory and structure the content based on that information. From then on, content will be created and organized according to the new content structure.