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The extension WikiCategoryTagCloud enables you to automatically create and display a tag cloud with the categories of the wiki. The extension is already included in BlueSpice free.

Technical Background[edit | edit source]

A tag for inserting a tag cloud in a wiki article is provided.

Functionality[edit | edit source]

Every category of the wiki will be displayed. Subcategories are not considered in this output.

The size of the tags is related to the number of articles, which are assigned to a category. A relative size is shown.

Usage[edit | edit source]

Switch to the editing mode and there, if you use the visual editor as standard, to the WikiCode view. Place the cursor at the position the tag cloud should be inserted at. Add the following code there:

to include the tag cloud with the standard configuration.

Adjustments[edit | edit source]

Configuration[edit | edit source]

The extension provides some optional configurations:

Variable Signification Configuration Standard
min_count Only display a tag for the category that contain at least x articles Define the number of assigned articles, from which on a category should be shown in the tag cloud "0"
min_size Defines the minimum text size Set the minimum text size "77"
increase_factor Defines the factor to increase the text size by the number of articles Set the factor for the increase "100"
exclude Excludes categories from being displayed in the tag cloud Name the categories, which should not be shown i the tag cloud, here No definition, all categories will be displayed

Example: min_size=55 exclude=products, templates

Design[edit | edit source]

For defining the output of the tag cloud, XML syntax needs to be used:

Variable Meaning

Adds CSS classes to the tag cloud itself

style Adds CSS styles to the style parameter of the tag cloud
linkclass Adds CSS classes to the links
linkstyle Adds CSS styles to the links' style parameters


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