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The basic configuration of this wiki contains standard-boxes. You can easily enframe textparts or change the background colour.

Following Frames are available:

class: border-blue, blueborder
class: border-beige, beigeborder
class: border-green, greenborder
class: border-yellow, yellowborder
class: border-red, redborder

Following boxes are available:

class: box-blue, bluebox
class: box-beige, beigebox
class: box-green, greenbox
class: box-yellow, yellowbox
class: box-red, redbox

You can also combinate different frames and boxes together:

class: box-blue
class: box-red
class: box-green
standard preformated text (MediaWiki)
class: box-yellow
class: border-red, redborder

To enframe a text with colours you have to work with div-tags. For example:

Aussehen Code
Hello World!

Hello World!

Hello World!

Hello World!