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BlueSpice pro

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BlueSpice pro - The professional business solution  

BlueSpice pro offers everything you could expect from a business-critical solution. In contrast to BlueSpice free, BlueSpice pro is the comprehensive, business-critical and subscribable BlueSpice version. Find out more on the BlueSpice Website.


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BlueSpice pro features

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  • Compile articles to books and export them as pdf- or docx-file
  • Chapter navigation in the wiki
  • Export with cover, clickable table of contents, and all attached files

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Quality assurance

  • Create review workflows and define workflow processes
  • Edit articles in draft mode
  • Publish new or changed articles after approval


  • Compare versions in three different views:
    classic comparison, wiki-code, or visual
  • Colored highlighting of all changes
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  • Assigning namespaces and manage view rights for documents
  • Open, edit, save Office documents directly from the wiki
  • Manage the complete wiki in a separate file system
  • Filter- and sortable file list with extended meta data
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  • Schedule articles for revision
  • Enter a reminder date and be reminded via notification in the wiki
  • Mark articles as "expired"
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  • Entries with additonal values (Meta data)
  • Forms with pre-defined entry
  • Initiate combined queries
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  • Filterable and sortable list of all articles in the wiki
  • Filter for 17 categories, with information on e.g. approval or responsible editors

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  • Rate articles with up to 5 stars, and write a review
  • Special page with filterable list of all rated articles
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  • Define search areas to refine user searches thematically
  • Display the "Top 10" of most-searched articles

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  • Request or send read confirmations
  • Quick overview of all confirmations



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