BlueSpice free Extensions


This list shows the extensions, which are included in the current version of BlueSpice free.

The short description explains the general functionality of the appropriate extension. More information of the particular extension can be found on the article page. To get there, just click on the extension name.

Integrated MediaWiki Extensions

Extension Description Enabled by default
Cite Adds a tag to create footnotes yes
ConfirmEdit CAPTCHA methods to protect the wiki from spambots no
Gadgets JavaScript or CSS based gadgets yes
ImageMap Creating ImageMaps: Linking of areas in a picture yes
InputBox Inclusion of predefined HTML forms in wiki pages yes
Interwiki Special page for maintaining the Interwiki table no
LocalisationUpdate Keeps the localized messages as up-to-date as possible no
Nuke Mass delete pages yes
ParserFunctions Enhance parser with logical functions yes
Poem Adds tag for poem formatting no
RenameUser Enables renaming user accounts yes
SpamBlacklist Create and manage blacklists based on URL patterns no
SyntaxHighlight Provides syntax highlighting and code rendering yes
TitleBlacklist Black- and whitelist to forbid creating new

articles and user accounts

WikiEditor Editor functionality for WikiText no

Additional MediaWiki Extensions

Extension Description Enabled by default
CategoryTree View categories in a tree structure yes
DynamicPageList Outputs a bulleted list of the most recent items residing in a category, or an intersection of several categories yes
Echo Notifications system yes
EmbedVideo Integrate videos from external sources yes
ImageMap Simple editor for creating ImageMaps yes
LDAPAuthentication Connecting to LDAP no
Lockdown Group permissions per namespace yes
MobileFrontend Displaying the wiki on mobile devices yes
NSFileRepo Provide namespace based features to uploaded files yes
Quiz Allows creation of quizzes yes
RSS Renders RSS feeds to display them in wiki articles yes
TitleKey Title prefix search suggestion backend yes
UserMerge Merge several users into one account yes
WikiCategoryTag Cloud Displaying categories in a TagCloud yes

BlueSpice free Extensions

Extension Description Enabled by default
AboutBlueSpice Provides information about BlueSpice yes
ArticleInfo Provides information about a page in status bar yes
Authors Displays the profile picture for authors of a page yes
Avatars Provides generic and individual user pictures yes
Blog Displays a blog style list of pages yes
CSyntaxHighlight Adds customizable syntax highlighting functionality yes
Checklist Insert checkboxes and checklists yes
ContextMenu Provides context menus for various links yes
CountThings Provides content based statistics e.g. number of pages in a wiki yes
Dashboards Provides individual dashboards for users and administrators yes
Emoticons Renders emoticons in a text as images yes
ExtendedEditbar Extended and adjusted editing bar yes
ExtendedSearch Extended search with facets yes
ExtensionInfo Special page with information list about the loaded extensions yes
FlexiSkin Adjusting the user interface yes
FormattingHelp Displays help for text formatting yes
GroupManager Administration interface for adding, editing and deleting user groups yes
HideTitle Provides a magic word to hide the title of the page yes
InsertCategory Dialog to enter a category link yes
InsertFile Dialog to upload files and insert a file link yes
InsertLink Dialog box to enter a link yes
InsertMagic Adds a dialog to edit mode that allows the insertion of magic words and tags yes
InterWikiLinks Administration interface for adding, editing and deleting interwiki links yes
NamespaceCss Namespace specific styling yes
NamespaceManager Administration interface for adding, editing and deleting namespaces yes
Notifications Sends notifications on user selected changes yes
PageAccess Group-based access on page level yes
PageTemplates Administration interface for page templates yes
PagesVisited Provides a personalized list of the last visited pages yes
PermisionManager Administration interface for editing user rights yes
Preferences Admin can configure the whole wiki from a single special page yes
Readers Creates a list of the people who visited a page yes
ResponsibleEditors Assign responsible editors yes
Review Simple workflow functionality yes
RSSFeeder An extension to output valid RSS for every extension, which has a build RSS-function yes
RSSStandards Builds RSS feeds based on different options yes
SaferEdit Intermediate saving of wiki edits yes
SecureFileStore Prevents unauthorized access to files and images yes
Shoutbox Comment box for articles yes
SmartList Enables automatically created lists e.g. most visited pages yes
StateBar Provides a status bar with metadata yes
Statistics Statistic tool for the evaluation of wiki-internal activities yes
TopBarMenuCustomizer Customize the top menu links yes
UEModulePDF Enables MediaWiki to export pages into PDF format yes
UniversalExport Enables MediaWiki to export pages into different formats yes
UserManager Administration interface for adding, editing and deleting users yes
UserPreferences Interface for BlueSpice user settings yes
UserSideBar Adds the focus tab to sidebar (navigation) yes
VisualEditor Visual Editor yes
WatchList Adds a watch list widget and tag yes
WhoIsOnline Displays a list of users who are currently online yes
WikiAdmin Central point of administration for BlueSpice yes