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BlueSpice free

BlueSpice free is an open source and free of charge MediaWiki distribution, which is developed especially for companies and business. MediaWiki is still the basis and BlueSpice is installed on top to enrich the function range of the wiki with lots of useful features. Even if BlueSpice extends the functionality of MediaWiki and also gives it a completely new look, MediaWiki remains unaffected as the technical basis of the BlueSpice wiki!


The free software gratis and licensed under the GNU General Public License (GPL) v2 or higher.


The current release of BlueSpice is version 2.27.0.


BlueSpice free is composed of different extensions. Therefore, this is also applies to its functionality, which means that the features of BlueSpice free arise from the particular feature of the extension.

For a more clearly presentation of the single extensions, we registered them in an extra article in which you can find a short description about the functionality for every extension. The extension names are, of course, linked to the appropriate extension article.

ExtensionsFunktionen en.png

Professional Editing

Process Support

  • Review functionality to review and release articles
  • Creating page templates to guarantee a standardized structure of the content
  • Overview of the categories in a hierarchic structure, displaying all main categories an sub-categories of the wiki
  • Create imagemaps and set link on specific areas of an image
  • PDF export of single pages in best quality

Quality Management

  • Status bar and author information gives you additional information about an article (e.g. the recent changes, category of the article etc.) and shows the authors of the article with images
  • Mail notification about new articles, edits, deleted or moved articles as well as new users (configurable for every account)
  • Display of the recent changes can be shown on every wiki page you want or integrated in your widget or menu
  • Statistics and graphs for actions with several filter options
  • Quality assurance for the content due to the possibility to define responsible editors for articles


Communication and Collaboration

  • Wiki internal blog enables you to write blog articles and to publish news
  • Shoutbox provides an extra area in every article to leave comments and therefore supports discussions and the interaction between the users
  • Who is online? The answer to this question can be found at a glance, because BlueSpice displays the active users
  • Create a Quiz with multiple choice questions


Join the BlueSpice Community

BlueSpice is an open source project and we appreciate every kind of participation on this project. To keep up-to-date and to get the current information, you can use the following channels:

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