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BlueSpice 2.27.2

BlueSpice 2.27.2 is a maintenance release. Consult the Release Notes for the full list of changes.

The version 2.27.2 was published on Wednesday, 19. July 2017. Download the free software on Sourceforge.

Notable new features

The BlueSpice Visual Editor has been updated with a reworked clear design, which makes using each of the functions easier.

In the edit mode, the name of a wiki page is displayed so that it is always visible, even when you scroll down the editing field.

The editor also moves down so that you no longer have to scroll up to click the editing buttons.

Release2272 VisualEditor.JPG
Stempel BlueSpice pro.png

InsertTemplate: this feature extends the Visual Editor with a new feature. Just click on the curly brackets button to open a new dialogue. This has an assistant that lets you select from ready-made templates.

Depending on what type of template you select, you may be able to add further text freely. Any templates that have been made are available in the assistant so they can be used much more simply and quickly.

Release2272 InsertTemplate1.jpg

Release2272 InsertTemplate2.jpg

FilterSpecialPages: This new expansion facilitates working effectively with special pages in the wiki. It is possible to search for specific terms on the special pages overview. By filtering the list of all the special pages shown, you can easily see what is there and find what you are looking for more quickly.

Release2272 FilterSpeciallPages.JPG

PermissionManager: the feature received a new mouse-over function, which shows you which groups inherit or pass on an active permission or block it. Managing complex rights structures for groups and namespaces, in particular, is much easier and clearer in this way.

Release2272 PermissionManager.jpg

Digest Function: Notifications about specific actions in the wiki can be configured so that they are sent once a day or once a week as a summary. This reduces the flood of emails when the wiki is updated.

Release2272 DigestFunktion.jpg
Stempel BlueSpice pro.png

SignHere: Use this feature to add a tag to a wiki page allowing it to be signed quickly and easily. A button appears for inserting a signature. Clicking on this button inserts a signature above the tag. This allows every user with write permission to sign. The signatures are shown in the article’s read view and saved in the history.

Release2272 SignHere.jpg
Stempel BlueSpice pro.png

SemanticMaps: This expansion lets geographic data be displayed in the wiki with dynamic JavaScript based mapping APIs like Google Maps, OpenStreetMap und OpenLayers. This allows, for example, locations to be interactively embedded in a wiki page and shown on the map.

Release2272 SemanticMaps.jpg